Drilling Armbars With The Help Of A Grappling Dummy

Think back of when you first started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  What were some of the very first moves and submissions you learned?  I’m willing to bet good money that during those first few classes you learned how to apply an armbar.  It’s a very common, basic move that you see even some of the most high level grapplers attempt.

Even if it is for “beginners,” it is still lethal.  The armbar is a move that can be hit from various spots during a fight or a match, and some are more difficult than others.  With each position, there is a set of hurdles you must overcome to be able to hit the move.

For instance, in certain positions you must have better range of motion and flexibility than other spots.  Once you break it down, it can become over whelming when thinking of each of the positions to hit this move.

Luckily enough, we have grappling dummy’s that can help us hit the armbar from certain positions.

Transitional Submission Moves

As you can tell from the video, I demonstrate how you can find certain submission moves in transitional situations.  While we have a heavy emphasis on armbars, there are specific moves that you can find when looking for the armbar.

If you look closely, there is a drill here that shows just how to look for use specific submissions to help with your armbar setup.

The armbar is an amazing submission which can be used to win any match or fight

The armbar is an amazing submission which can be used to win any match or fight

Starting in mount, you’ll want to isolate one arm of the opponent.  Stapling it to the mat, act as if you are looking to lock on a nasty kimura.  Assuming they look to defend it, you can transition into an arm triangle.

As you begin to apply the hold, this will allow you to focus solely on the arm.  Given the nature of the arm triangle, it puts the arm in a vulnerable spot.  Not to mention, your opponent is not even worried about any move but the arm triangle.

Once they have fallen for the bait and begin to counteract the arm triangle, this is when you can turn the tables on them and take them by surprise by locking on the armbar.

Once you get the flow of things, you can then go on to work the transition from both sides of the dummy.  This will open up various submission opportunities, and wonderful setups. Often in our training we focus on the upper body submissions more than we do leg locks in fear of hurting our training partners. The dummy can be used to train some killer leg locks just like in this article you guys might like.

Developing Muscle Memory

Like I said earlier, the armbar is a move that can be used from various positions.  If you focus on one certain spot, and neglect the others, you might find it difficult to contort your body in certain ways to hit the move.

Having the grappling dummy allows your body to get familiar with the movements needed to hit the armbar from certain spots.  Once you begin to feel comfortable with the scenarios, then there is no stopping you on the mat when it comes to locking on a mean armbar! You can learn some sneaky ways to set up an armbar in this article on BlackBeltMag.com. The combination of these techniques and drills will make you an armbar machine.

So what’s stopping you?  Go get your hands on a grappling dummy and get to work!

Dan Faggella

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