Drilling Success Secrets with Renato Migliaccio

Renato Migliaccio’s recently released “Invincible Basics” program has been constructed through decades of training with many of BJJ’s best instructors, in order to determine the BEST applications of Jiu Jitsu’s basic techniques. To check out Renato’s “Invincible Basics” course itself, hop online at: MicroBJJ.com/Basics 

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Renato Migliaccio has been involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for practically his whole life and defiantly has picked up a thing or two about skill progression and training in this martial art. I recently had the opportunity to interview him and I wanted to know about how he drills his moves to refine and learn techniques.

Drilling for White Belts

The first thing Renato touched on was how he recommends white belts develop their game. He said what’s really important is not too overload someone who is new with information. He gives them one or two options from each position and has them get really good at it. This in turn helps them get a basic understanding of Jiu Jitsu and formulate a gameplan they can use that will sucede in tournaments. They should also learn the possible counters and how to counter those with their own and take dominate position. Once they have gotten their game down pat then and only then should they be promoted to blue belt. He covers these concepts in the video below.


Conceptual vs Robotic drilling

Renato stressed to me the Importance of understanding every little nuance about the moves in your arsenal. Something as simple as a hand being placed a few inches off, improper weight distribution, improper timing, etc can be the difference between you getting your hand raised or walking off the mats with another defeat in your column. He says that the best way to learn is too be slow, methodical, and take your time with it. Experiment with different ways for the set up and see which work best for you in different situations. At my gym we go through this process a lot and call it “tinker time”. It is a time for my students to get a feel for how they think the move will work and how they can transition with it. It is then and only then once you have the feel for the move that you should start drilling it as hard and as fast as you can. This way you are ensured that the muscle memory you are building is with perfect form. He also recommends that when drilling hard that you should hit both sides and your partner should give back some resistance so when you go to hit it on a live opponent you don’t get flustered. Jiu Jitsu Lab hit the concept on drilling with this article including an interview with Andre Galvao

Invincible Basics BJJ

Renato recently pumped out his new course “Invincible Basics BJJ” where he shares more secrets of success that have worked for him. I’m sure we can all agree that without solid fundamentals and basics that you will never see yourself up there on the podium. I’d recommend this course to everyone because he shows some high percentage moves and training techniques that I teach and use everyday in my own academy. If you are interested in the course check out the link here!

-Daniel Faggella


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