Dynamic Warm Ups for Combat Sport Athletes

Dynamic warm ups include movements that will be used in the upcoming workout

Dynamic warm ups include movements that will be used in the upcoming workout

If you live in a place like me, it is freezing outside right now! We crawl out of our cars, all bundled up, to walk on snow and ice covered sidewalks to come inside our gym. We change on over and step on the cold mats. The last thing we want to do is start training. We need to properly warm up before we think about training to maximize our mat time.

Why warming up is important?

I think I could estimate that over 90% of martial artists are not professional athletes in their respective art. This meaning not everyone spends all day long training in the gym and they get their check cut to them from a different source than a fight promoter. As athletes we cannot afford to get injured. Injuries lead to having to take time off the mats and heal up which not only affects our BJJ and MMA skill set but it also can affect us at work which in reality is more important. By warming up we get the blood flowing to our muscles and our muscles stretched out so they are ready to go for the rigors of training. This not only will have us performing at a higher level but also will help prevent injuries and pulled muscles. You can learn more about warming up in this article by Gracie Mag

Warming up dynamically

There are tons of ways to warm up but the best way is what we call dynamic warm ups. A dynamic warm up is a series of movements (including bouncing and skipping) that are designed to actively prepare the muscles for performance and are performed in a safe and controlled fashion. These movements are often designed around movements found in the sport the athlete is taking part of. For BJJ and MMA some examples of dynamic warm up movements are sit outs, sprawls, wrestling shots, shadowboxing, shrimping, and break falls. These warm ups are being used by athletes all over the world, including Olympians and world class professionals, and truly is bringing a new science to training that has never been seen before. You can learn more about dynamic warm ups in the video below

One of the best dynamic warm ups I have ever seen is on Eric Wong’s course, Python Power. Eric uses movements and stretches that get us ready to begin our training or to warm us up for competition. The course itself is also world class. Python Power, in short, is a course designed around developing muscular strength and endurance for BJJ, specifically in holding positions and finishing submissions. You can pick up your copy today here!

So do yourself a favor and try this new type of warm up before your next training session. It is a more effective way to warming up than just your regular running and static stretching and you will be able to notice the difference. Also go check out Eric’s course! It’s one of the top BJJ and MMA strength and conditioning programs out there and I think you guys will like it

Train hard

Dan Faggella

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