Entertainment and Educational References – Websites and Videos

I’ve decided to make a collection of videos websites that I frequent a lot to learn or entertain myself. Click any of the Bold links below and they will take you to a site that you can explore on your own and find your own videos.




Websites That Have a Collection of Interesting Videos

Ted Talks – A Collection of the greatest minds in every field you can imagine giving presentations

Joe Rogan Podcasts – Very interesting interviews from a wide rage of guests 

Vice Travel Guide – A unapologetic, real journalists that visits the craziest places

Neil DeGrasse Tyson – The mans a genius, nuff said

Jason Silva – This guy is encyclopedia of intelligent ideas, really inspirational

Brain Food – A great resource for nutrients for the brain that I personaly take and have noticed a huge difference



Specific Videos I’ve Enjoyed Watching

How big is our planets compared to our galaxy

How big is our galaxy compared to our Universe

Here is a good one zooming in an out to really give you an idea of our size






Video Series

The Vice Guide to Liberia

The Vice Guide to North Korea

North Korean Labor Camps

Interview with Shane Smith from Vice

Americas Native Prisoners of War

Science Has Found the Fountain of Youth



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