Eric Silva Disqualified – Completely Screwed by Yamasaki

Eric Silva impressed everyone with his first UFC win, picking up the “W” in just 40 seconds and in brutal fashion. It looked like he had another quick win as the brazilian rushed in with a Knee and then a barrage of punches to, what looked to be the side of the head.

The bout was stopped by referee Mario Yamasaki, and it seemed like Silva was on the way to his second straight win.

But the official decision took longer than normal to announced, and Yamasaki explained to Silva that he was disqualified because Yamasaki said the blows were to the back of Prater’s head.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan disagreed with the call and confronted Yamasaki in the center of the ring. “Those didn’t look like punches to the back of the head to me, do you feel comfortable with that call after seeing the replay?” Joe took Yamasak,i punch by punch, in slow motion through the replay pointing out that everyone seemed legal to him. Yamasaki seemed like he knew that he screwed up, but didn’t want to admit it. (Thats just my opinion from watching his body language, and my hope that he doesn’t actually believe it was a good call)

Yamasaki, in his defense stated he had to “make the call in the moment, and he saw the blows hit the back of Prater’s head.”MMA referees do not have instant replay. Which is ridiculous because we should be after the truth.

Silva took the disappointment well.

“I have great respect for the referee,” Silva told Rogan. “I don’t think they were hitting the back of the head.”

The bout will go down as a loss on Silva’s record.

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