Escaping The Body Triangle While Sneaking Into A Leg Lock

We’ve all been in the same position at one point or another where we are on the mat rolling live or in a match and then it happens…our opponent slaps on a body triangle!  The crushing sensation and sense of immobility consumes us, and next thing you know, we lose either to submissions or by points.

It’s a pivotal aspect of the game to know how to defend against the body triangle, and to know how to advance your position from here.  As an avid lover of anything to do with foot and leg locks, I find this specific transition very intriguing and effective as long as you are able to keep your cool.Untitled

As you know, when someone has a body triangle applied, 99% of the time they have easy access to your neck for a lapel choke or a rear naked choke.  Keep in mind to ALWAYS defend your neck for this position before worrying about escaping the hold!

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Bait & Switch-Fight With Your Feet, Not Your Hands


You first instinct may be to reach down and begin grabbing at his feet; don’t!  This will open up your neck and next thing you know, it’s over with.  They will expect you to fall off to the side in which the lock is being applied, so the likelihood of being dumped off to the opposite side is high; this is okay.

Keeping your hands up, lace your outside leg under his extended leg and push it towards you.  From here, take ONE hand and pull his foot upwards at an angle while pressing your elbow into his shin bone causing pressure.

Chances are high they will not appreciate this position, and let go of their triangle lock.  The next step must be done with quick precision and accuracy; from here, turn to your far side hip while facing away from your original position.

From here, you should be able to turn into a nice heel hook setup that was created from you breaking the body lock.

Ending The Match From This Position

Simply put, this escape move puts you in prime position to end the match!  I don’t need to go in depth about just how dangerous a leg lock—of any sorts—can be when done correctly.  The heel is a devastating move which, at times, doesn’t even require any pressure to get the tap!  Your opponent could just tap in fear of knowing how bad his knee could be damaged.

This is most definitely a game changer.  After giving up your back, it’s easy to feel as if you are in serious trouble.  While this could be true, it’s not as deadly as you would think if you have the proper patience and skills to escape from it.

And after reading this, you now have a new weapon at your disposal.

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