Escaping the Mount for BJJ and MMA

The mount position is plain scary, especially if you’re an MMA fighter or in a self defense scenario. Our opponent can rain down strong ground and pound, elbow strikes, set up slick submissions, and they can force a path to the back. All in all it is a place you never want to be. But what happens when you’re their? In BJJ my opponent just racked up tons of points and now I am probably losing my match horribly. Today we’ll dive into a few escapes from the mount.

The Buck and Roll

Firstly we’ll start with the most basic and fundamental escape, the buck in roll. This technique has a low percentage rate at the higher levels but if you drill it enough it can become your bread and butter technique.

We will start off the technique in the worst form of mount, when our opponent’s knees are up into our armpits. When they are this high there isn’t much we can do in form of escape. If it’s MMA it’s just as bad because our face is right their asking to get hit. We want to get our hips below theirs so we shoulder walk back. This is much easier said than done as our opponent will be trying to follow us but with heart, persistence, and determination it can be done.

Once we are there we want to buck our hips up, sending our opponent forward so they post their hands on the mat. If they don’t post their hands their face will eat the ground and they’ll be in for some dental work soon enough. When their hands hit the mat we want to grab and arm by getting an under hook, we want it to be deep and capture above their elbow and have it captured all the way to our elbow.

Next we capture the foot of the same leg of the arm we captured earlier. We will then bridge forward and to the side of the captured limbs using our free arm to assist with the force. This will cause us to roll into top full guard. From here we will posture up and start working our guard breaks and passes.

The Knee to Elbow EscapeBJJ Elbow Mount Escape

This escape is the highest percentage escape covered today and it works great against bigger and stronger opponents and for guys with a great guard game. In this escape we will be working to recapture our guard.

It starts the same way as the buck and roll, with a strong buck to get our opponent to post on the mat. Next we turn on our side and place one arm across the waist and one along the leg to feel if our opponent tries to set up a back take or submission attempt.

We then straighten out our bottom leg and step over our leg and opponent’s foot with the top leg, capturing it in what is known as quarter guard. We then power our bottom knee up to our elbow and turn back into our opponent, all while getting our over hook. At the same time we are also switching our bottom hip with our top hip to get a strong half guard. From here our possibilities are endless of choosing half guard sweeps or regaining the full guard.

Escaping Mount to a Submission

The last way we will be covering how to escape mount is by far the most advanced one so far. We will be escaping to set up a leg lock submission. We start this escape just like the knee to elbow with us bucking forward to get our opponent to post his hands on the mat and turning onto our side with our arms in the proper positioning. From here we shrimp our hips back into the leg closest to our butt. This will open the legs further allowing us to set up this slick technique.

We will take our lower knee and put it in between our opponent’s knee and then cut the angle to the side with the other leg crashing over. It is important we move our body out of the way and not just the legs so we do not get squashed and it is also important we don’t reap the knee so we do not get disqualified. From here there are literally more ways to finish than fingers on my hand. We can take the back, work a one legged X-Guard game, go for toeholds, kneebars, heel hooks, etc. Personally I recommend the heel hook because it can end matches fast! To do so we want to be at as far of an angle behind our opponent and get the proper grips. Be sure to keep the leg as close to your chest as possible and crank the submission using your whole body, not just the arms.

So what can we pull from this article? Make sure your hips are under your opponent’s, it will be almost impossible to escape when they have their knees in your armpits. Also remember to start every escape by bucking forward to relive weight and to force our opponent to post their hands on the mat. We also want to remain on our side whenever we are in an inferior position to avoid being submitted and help in the escape process.

As you can see in the videos provided above these escapes even work at the highest black belt levels and in the UFC, trust me when I say you will want to know how to escape full mount in MMA or a self defense scenario. So play around with the set ups and let me know what you think. Especially with your favorite finish on the last one.

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Train Hard,

Dan Faggella

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