Fantastic Fundamentals with Andy Main The Morris County BJJ Magician

Flashy moves are fun and exciting.  That upside down spinning triangle choke or flying armbar might turn some heads when luck shines on you, but when times are tough the basic fundamentals are what get the job done.

Denville BJJ sensation Andy Main has made a name for himself  by sticking to what works – solid fundamental BJJ

Here Andy shows some outstanding details for the cross collar choke from guard.  The same move that Helio Gracie used to choke out Kato remained a BJJ standby generations later when Roger dominated the sport jiu-jitsu scene with the same move

Andy builds off this attack by combining it with the armbar – a classic combination often utilized by Kron Gracie.  The addition of the armbar combination gives these techniques a synergistic effect making them stronger together than they ever could be on their own.

Techniques filmed at Pure Mixed Martial Arts – a Morris County BJJ academy to find out more about Andy visit his site


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