Fifty things that’ll improve your BJJ game overnight

Sometimes the best way to get better is simply to stop doing things wrong.

Over the years I’ve shot quite a few guerilla-style videos breaking down many of the most common mistakes that I see for different positions and submissions. I get a lot of positive feedback on these videos, because apparently I’m not the only person to have made all these mistakes on the mat!

Here, all in one post, are all the ‘Most Common Mistakes’ videos from my Youtube channel thus far. I’m planning on adding other videos to this series in the future (click here to sign up to be notified of new videos).

So here, without further ado, are the videos. Enjoy!

Fix Your Kneemount – The Three Most Common Mistakes

The Three Most Common Errors for the Kimura from Side Mount

4 Ways to Fix Your Omoplata

4 Mistakes That Kill Your Half Guard

The Four Most Common Triangle Choke Errors

5 Tricks for Tightening Up Your Sidemount

Americana Armlock: The Three Most Common Errors

The 3 Most Common Errors in the X Guard

The Rear Naked Choke: Three Most Common Errors

Butterfly Guard: the 3 Most Common Errors

The Armbar: Three Most Common Errors

The Straight Ankle Lock – the Three Most Common Errors

Armbar from Guard: the Three Most Common Errors

The Kneebar: Three Critical Errors

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