Four Ways to Fix Your Omoplata Attacks

The omoplata is one of my very favorite submissions. But there are a lot of ways to screw it up. Here’s how to make sure it works for you.

One of the most common errors people make when trying to apply the omoplata is to lie flat on their back and stay square with your opponent. Yes, if you’re ridiculously flexible – able to put both your feet behind your own head for example – then you can apply it flat on your back and in line with your sparring partner.

But most normal people are going to have to be on one butt cheek and at an angle to make it work. The video below shows you how to do that.

Other common omoplata mistakes include having your opponent’s arm in the wrong place, not controlling your opponent properly as you move into the lock, and not breaking down your opponent’s posture when finishing the omoplata.

If you eliminate these mistakes then you’ll see a huge jump in the effectiveness of your omoplata attack. And the video shows you everything I wish I’d known when I started experimenting with this attack.

Have fun with it!

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