From the Mind of Babalu #7… Supplements

With so many different types of supplements out there on the market today many beginners, scratch that even people who have trained for a long time get confused on what to take and when.  What does what for you and why you should take this or that.  Its just like everything else the industry becomes so watered down with a bunch of products, you walk into a Nutrition store and unless you exactly what you need to get you could spend hours there, not buy a thing and come out more confused than you were before you came into the store.  So I want to compile a list for you guys.  With your input I want to know what are your must have supplements for every combat athlete.  Which brands you prefer and why, taste, texture etc… I can tell you that I have tried tons of supplements, but right now I’m a little lost on few things so I come to the readers.  Not only do you I want to know what you take and why, I want to know what you think I should take.  Some of the things I have taken in the past or still take now are listed below.


Whey Protein– currently taking some samples that I have received.  I don’t remember the name of it off the top of my head but has good flavor.  In the past I have taken Muscle Milk, Universal’s Ultra Whey Protein, and some other off brand that I don’t remember the name which I only bought because of the BCAA’s it had with it.

Glutamine– Haven’t taken for a while now, but it was your basic GNC brand

Creatine– Not currently taking but it was from GNC as well.

MultiVitamin– I do take these and they are a regular one you can buy at the grocery store for men.

Pre-Workout Drinks– Not at the moment but I have taken NO Explode, Super Pump, and Bullnox.  If I’m lifting then I like these but I don’t really like them while training BJJ.  Well at least not a full serving.

Fish Oils– I have taken, before and it was from GNC as well.  I have tried to buy them again but got confused and decided it could wait.  There are alot of these to chose from as well.

Nitric Oxide– Or however you spell it.  I took this for a little while from GNC as well.

So there is mine, tell me what you like and why… I need some new supplements.

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