Get Comfortable In The 50/50 Guard With Drilling Concepts!

A few months back there was a UFC fight that featured the use of the 50/50 guard.  It caused a lot of debate—for better and for worse—about the setup and its usefulness.

If you know me, then you know I’m pro 50/50 any day of the week!  A personal favorite of mine, leg locks are unmatched compared to how effective and vicious they can be when compared to other submission holds.

But I do understand why some aren’t comfortable with working out of the 50/50.  It takes time to get over that blockade and begin engaging in it on the mat…luckily, I’m here to share a nice flow drill of mine that focuses on working out of the 50/50 guard!

Finding A New Comfort Level In The 50/50 Guard

As someon e who loves to work out of the 50/50 guard and go after your feet and legs, I have a rather high comfort level and tolerance when it comes to being in this spot.  I know many, however, can get uncomfortable, because it lives up to the name…it’s a 50/50 position!  You could very likely pull off the hold or they could hit you with one!

This drill in particular shows just how easy—once you break it down—working out of the 50/50 can truly be.

Paying close attention is key, because in the 50/50, one wrong move can spell disaster.  This is a very effective drill that will help you find you hand placement, footing and body positioning that will lead you to success.

Now, it is a little more advanced, because I hit an array of leg locks, but you don’t have to worry about going through the progressions your first time through.  Get used to where your hands should be, how the holds work, and find a comfort zone and then begin to focus on the rest of the holds. To learn more about the 50/50 guard check out this article on Science of Skill.

Practice Makes Perfect…Or Does It?

Leg Locks are a whole new world of BJJ and will only help your game!

Leg Locks are a whole new world of BJJ and will only help your game!

We have all heard the term “practice makes perfect” thrown around time after time, day after day, for pretty much our entire life.  If you have been involved with any sport, then you have definitely heard this phrase from a coach, trainer, teammate, or parent.

However, is it actually true?

This has been something I have always found interesting, because the statement itself actually has a bit of a flaw too it.  It insinuates that any type of practice makes you perfect…but what if you practice incorrectly?  Does that make perfect, or does that just make bad habits?

With that said, there is a twist to the phrase and it goes a little something like this, perfect practice makes perfect.  This clears up the gray area, because now it makes you focus on being the best you can be when you hit the mat, and not just going through the motions.

So remember, no matter what it is you are working on when practicing and drilling, do it with a focus and no “just to do it.”

Perfect practice makes perfect. To learn more about perfect practice check out this book!

Dan Faggella

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