Ghetto BJJ at Hoodmart

Ok, I know, I know…. I probably shouldn’t place this in the “Bjj Street Fights” section but I find two things great about this video….

1. There is actually a place called “Hoodmart”
2. You know BJJ is cool when they they are trying to do it in the Ghetto. 😀

This guy actually, and somewhat successfully I might add, applies a shirt choke on his opponent before transitioning to back control and sinking a rear naked choke. My favorite part is that I thought when they said there was a fight in front of “hoodmart”, it meant they were fighting at “wallmart” and it was a play on words based on its location…but nope…there is actually a “hoodmart” LMFAO.

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  1. Tango8787 says:

    Very funny! Sad thing is that he had that choke in for :30 and the guy still didn’t go to sleep… How the hell is that even possible. You have to be a pretty dumb sonofabitch to be in that position, for 30 seconds and NOT put the guy to sleep… lol Maybe the big guy has carotid arteries that are shielded with steel? The good ‘ol “Hood Mart”!

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