Girl Submits Boy – Amanda Leve vs Wyatt Sellers at Grapplers Quest UFC Las Vegas 2012

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                                                                               Amanda Leve vs. Wyatt Sellers

For the most part, men are stronger than women. This does not however, make women any less capable of a BJJ victory. Amanda Leve of Paper Street BJJ is a prime example of what a smart fighter can do when faced with an opponent who is physically stronger. There were many videos of Leve, but this one in particular stood out. In this video, it is with quick efficiency that she outmaneuvers her opponent Wyatt Sellers, giving her the positional advantage and ultimately, the submission.



Instead of going for a takedown, Leve opts to pull guard. Once on the ground, Amanda uses good control of the boy’s head and arm to maneuver herself to his back. She keeps Sellers close to her while he is in her guard; never giving him the space he needed to pass.

While he is in close, Leve maneuvers his right arm up and close to his head. It is because of this maneuver that she is able to attempts the Head and Arm Choke. Although she is unable to finish the choke, she uses the submission attempt for an opportunity to better her position.

While Sellers is on the defense, Leve opens her guard and slides her way onto his back. Leve was looking for a chance to better her position over a larger/ stronger opponent. She doesn’t attempt to out-muscle her stronger opponent. She merely ties him up and creates the space she needs to pass – this is BY FAR one of the most important distinctions to make in the Modern Game and also the dynamics of small person jiu jitsu – is the concept of playing strategic, high probability attacks/techniques . I’ve written about the dynamics of small man jiu jitsu over on Science of Skill and also on a slew of other blogs – and  that is not the main focus of this article however it is an important dynamic that needs to be repeatedly addressed.

Once Leve is on his back, she pulls him down and sinks her hooks in (her two legs are wrapped around him). Although this is a good position to be in, there is always the chance your opponent will be able to turn around and launch them selves back into your guard – a relatively neutral position. Instead of having your two legs hooked in, it is optimal that you obtain a ‘Body Triangle’.

 Grapplers Quest – 5 Best Submissions of Amanda Leve


Here you would position your one leg so the calf was flat across the stomach of your opponent, similarly to a seat belt. Your would then position your other leg so that the knee pit of this leg catches the ankle of the other leg. As you feel your opponent breathe out, squeeze your triangle in tighter. This will not only make make them uncomfortable, it will take away the space they need to turn into you to get off their back.

For Leve, however, the two hooks work. She makes quick work of sinking in her Rear-Naked Choke. Sellers tries to to scoot to his side, an effort that very well may have worked had he simply removed one of the hooked legs. This can be done by straightening out one of you own legs and quickly swinging it, in, up and around to a position where it is on top of your opponent’s leg. Thus nullifying their hook and giving you a way out. You would then turn in that direction and face your opponent, placing you inside their guard -a much safer position.


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