Half Guard Pass- Luis Pass

In this video I show a unique pass that was shown to me by one of my past instructors, Luis Togno. Luis was a great guy with some sick grappling skills and I think this pass showcases Luis’s love for abusing people with their own kimono.

The first step is to obviously get to the Reverse Sit position. I have heard this called all sorts of things but basically that position where you are in Half Guard with you chest facing your opponent. This is a very solid position that can lead to a lot of great passes.

Once you are in this position you unfeed your opponents lapel and pass it to your hand between your opponents leg (reference the video, that may be confusing). Once you have this grip you should get it medium tight and then prepare to turn your body.

Once you turn your body you need to put your head on the floor and straighten your arm. This is VERY funny feeling and goes against what is taught to us most of the time when we are grappling 1. never extend your arm fully and 2. never leave your arm behind. This pass breaks both of those rules.

It takes some practice to understand how to keep your opponents chest on the ground but the most important thing is going to be putting your head on the floor to block your opponents body and straightening your arm while keeping your opponents hips immobilized with the grip…it’s all kind of…awesome.

Check out the video and let me know what you think!


Jeremy Arel



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