High Percentage Back-Escape to Deep-Half-Guard – Jordon Schultz

Hello all. This is my first contribution here. I’ll introduce myself first. My name is Jordon Schultz. I am a BJJ Brown Belt, and former Mechanical Engineer . I’m an eccentric nerd turned BJJ Champion. I won the IBJJF World (Mundial Championships) at both the brown belt, and purple belt levels. In addition, I’ve won the Pan No-gi and Pan Gi Championships at purple belt.

I’m not telling you this to brag, but to assure you the techniques I’ll be sharing here are top-shelf, and tested against some of the worlds best grapplers!

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Today I’ll be sharing an escape. Escapes are sometimes overlooked, but they are, without a doubt, the cornerstone to a solid BJJ offensive game. Before you can have a good offense, you need a good defense.

Jordon 2011 World Champion

This technique is an excellent way to escape the rear-mount, or back position when your opponent has both hooks. In the video you’ll notice I get a very specific and well placed grip on my opponents top seat belt arm. This is the first, and most important step of the technique because it keeps you protected from collar chokes.

Next, I force my body to fall to the side where my opponent’s seatbelt is weaker (opponents arm under my armpit), and try to get my head to the mat by bridging. If you do this correctly, you can remove one hook with your hand, while your weight is shared by your opponents bottom leg and your head.

After you clear one hook, you patiently wait for your opponent to “chair-sit” and recover the back mount. As soon as this occurs, you have a great opportunity to slide your top arm under your opponents hooked leg and enter deep-half-guard.

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