High Percentage Step Back Half Guard Series – Jason Scully

Hey! Been a about a month since I posted my last video.  I rescued a 10 month old dog from a kill shelter and I’ve been working hard to make sure he was set up to have a wonderful life and he has been a great addition in my life and now I’m back with a very good half guard passing  series video, at least in my opinion :-).

In this 15 minute video you’ll find:

– Step Back Half Guard Pass Concepts and Tips
– Attacking to The Mount When Opponent Commits to Turn Into You
– Baiting Your Opponent to Expose Their Back (Plus a video of Marcelo
Garcia hitting this in ADCC competition)
– Using the Step Back Half Guard Pass to Set Up the Samurai Roll
Back Take

This is a passing series that myself and I know many other players have been using for years and I think it’s something that can be added to any grapplers game, both gi and no-gi.

The BIG thing to pay attention to are the concepts and little details, because many of them can transfer over to other parts of your game.

That’s the mark of a good brainstormer! To have the ability to take pieces from one part of your game and expand it to others.

I hope you enjoy!

Hope you enjoy and thank you,

Jason Scully

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