Hitting The Triangle Choke From Back Mount

Check out this video of how to do a Triangle Choke Hold from the Back.

There are plenty of positions and transition in this wonderful sport that we call Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  However, it is rather easy to assume there are certain moves that can be done only in one type of positional setup.

Let’s flash back to the early days of our grappling careers.  Remember the first time stepping on the mat, remember the first time wearing a Gi or grappling shorts, and remember the first few moves that you learned.

I’m willing to bet that the triangle choke was one of those moves that you learned in the early stages. 0603-no-gi-finals-triangle

Now because of this, chances are high that you’ve probably learned a move or two in the meantime, and failed to look into triangle chokes any further, and I wouldn’t blame you!  However, let’s take a brief moment to pick apart this fundamental move for a moment.

We are familiar with the move being preformed from the guard; yet, this isn’t the only position you can execute this choke.

Today, thanks to the good folks over at BJJ Manifesto I am going to show you how you can hit a triangle choke from the back mount.

Advanced Back Take Techniques

We start out right after we take the back.  With our hooks in and our over/under applied, the next step is to fall off to the underhook side.

We’ll want to make sure our top leg acts as if it’s a third arm, and by doing so, we’ll want to bring it up towards their neck and replace the hand that is currently in place.  Timing is key, so as we take our hand away, make sure that our leg is firmly in place.

Now with our leg tight to their neck, we’ll want to reach up and grab our own shin to make sure everything stays in place.   Next, you’ll want to work your way back to the opposite side while posting on your elbow.

The final part of this step is to keep a strong neck with your head in the air, and your arm out straight.

Properly Leveraging Your Body Weight In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Once everything is nice and in place, the next step is very vital and that is when we fall backwards onto the mat.  We’ll want to leverage our body as well as his to get him into place right where we want him.

Assuming that we hold everything in place and fall backwards just right, our legs will be in prime position to apply the triangle choke hold.  From here, simply lock on the choke hold and score the slick submission finish!

The beautiful thing about this setup is that your opponent will most certainly not be anticipating a triangle choke from the back mount.  They will be too busy worrying about having to fend off the rear naked choke that it won’t even cross their mind!

If you want to find out more about cool setups like this, then check out BJJ Manifesto!

Dan Faggela

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