How The iGrapple App Can Change the Way You Train For Good!

The beauty about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is while it has been around for ages in terms of its history, it is still a relatively young sport in a sense.

Sure, for years it dwelled down in Brazil, and eventually made its way up to the United States when Royce Gracie competed at UFC 1, but in terms of popularity, it is still young too many.  While this could present some issues in other sports, it provides many avenues for the sport.

It seems as if we get a new training tool or technique coming out of the wood works that actually does help your game, as opposed to just claiming it does.  In the modern age we live in, where we are driven by technology, it was only a matter of time until someone stepped up and delivered a fantastic mobile application that grapplers can use to enhance their skills.

Enter the iGrapple mobile app.

This is for those serious grapplers out there who are always thirsting for knowledge and looking to improve their game.

Trouble in North/South?  Can’t Hit A Triangle?  Let iGrapple Help!

When I first fired up this bad boy I was impressed.  From how everything was laid out to how in-depth it was, there was nothing that made

The iGrapple app is a new modern approach to BJJ on the go!

The iGrapple app is a new modern approach to BJJ on the go!

me second guess my use of the iGrapple app.

The beauty of this app is that it’s number one goal is to help you, nothing else.  There is nothing that will distract you from your goal of improving where you currently are. You can check out one of their techniques in the video below

The lay out if very easy to navigate, while also avoiding the feeling of being short changed.  The developers broke everything down into easy to grasp, bite size pieces that will do nothing but benefit you in the long run.

For this app, it’s focus to detail is outstanding.  If there is a specific position or move you can’t seem to hit, then just look it up!  It will go in depth for you; having trouble in guard?  Ok, is the issue coming when the opponent has their knee up?  Is it open guard?  The list goes on and on. You can check the full review on the app at Micro BJJ!

For each position, there is a sub-position, from which it will help you find solutions to your problems.  There is little room for confusion here, that’s for sure!

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Guru By Your Side At All Times

The beauty of all of this is that no matter where you are, as long as you have your specific device with you, the app is accessible.  You can be at home, at the office, on the road; it doesn’t matter!  Just click on the app and go to work!

Likewise, this will help with those who can’t seem to find the proper time on the mat.  Having this tool will give you the outlet you need to study the game, and when it comes time to have that precious mat in front of you, it’s all systems go! So check it out here and let me know what you think!

Dan Faggella

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