How To Add A New Technique To Your Game

OK, so maybe someone has just showed you a killer new armbar setup.  Not only is it really cool but it’s also a perfect fit with your current game. 

Maybe you can even use this attack to catch that competitive super-tough brown belt who’s 20 lbs heavier than you.  He’s king of the hill right now, but wouldn’t it feel nice to catch him in something even once!

But there’s a big gap between knowing a technique and being able to pull it off consistently in sparring. There’s a right and a wrong way to start using a new technique in your sparring.

In this brand-new 9:48 YouTube video I break down the best step-by-step strategy for adding a new technique to your arsenal.

Don’t worry, you’ll catch that brown belt eventually! Check it out below:

About the author: Stephan Kesting operates and is a BJJ black belt and Combat Submission Wrestling instructor.

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