How to Reduce Back Pain

If you’re into sports you have at one point or another had back pain.  We’ve all experienced different levels of back pain.  Participating in sports is a risk that we are willing to take and sometimes it results in injuries.  Back pain is not always caused by an injury but can be caused by other things as well.theramine-reduces-inflammation-associated-with-chronic-back-pain-262x174

One of the main causes of back pain is repetitive stress.  Doing the same motion over and over again; bending down to tie your shoes or pick something up, or being hunched over at a desk all day.  This is putting strain on your spine.  Most of the movements we make are wrong and are causing premature wear, where there shouldn’t be any.  We don’t really think when we move and the movements we are doing are causing the back pain.  Fixing these movement patterns can greatly decrease your back pain.

Steps You Can Take to Reduce Back Pain

There are many different steps you can take to help prevent these kinds of injuries.  Some may help after you’ve been injured as well.   Some will tell you to take pain killers (we all know those don’t do really anything to help with the problem), massage, which can help loosen you up, but again doesn’t really help in the long run.  Fixing your posture, your movement patterns and increasing your muscle tone in your core and back are your best bet for decreasing or possibly eliminating your back pain.

Proper stretching before and after exercising can help put your back at ease.  Be sure you are stretching out all of your muscles, not just the ones you will be focusing on for that particular work out.  This can also align your spine; yoga helps with this as well.  Also having proper form when lifting or exercising is also very important.  This will help limit any back injuries as well.  Try to see if you can feel if some of your muscles are weaker than then next – work on fixing these imbalances; one side should not be stronger than the other but equal so they can share the amount of work being done.  Having a strong core also helps reduce back injuries.  Your spine is surrounded by muscles – the stronger they are, the more stabilization you are going to have and the easier it will be to maintain proper form and posture.

Resting is Key

If you end up getting a back injury, be sure to rest.  Working through the pain is not the answer and can cause more damage than good.  Just like anything else, your muscles need time to heal when they are injured.  Take some time off from whatever it is that injured you and seek medical attention if necessary.  Do not go back to exercising until your back is longer in pain.  Proper nutrition can also help – not just with back pain but with you overall health.  If you put bad things into your body, that is what it will absorb.  The healthier you eat the healthier your body will be.

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