Triangles and more triangles

Very few moves in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have the staying power of the triangle choke. From white belt to black belt, the triangle is there when you need it. Like an old friend, you might not talk all the time, but if you’re in trouble they will come out of nowhere and save the day.

In my experience the key to having a strong triangle attack is diversity. You must be able to attack from a variety of different positions and react both proactively and reactively to achieve your submission.
Here is a reactive triangle as a counter to a very common guard pass. Although my opponent has put me on the defensive by threatening a pass, I am still able to utilize my choke.

In this instance my opponent is not giving me any activity so it is my job to force them into the submission. This attack is super effective because the triangle is disguised by the omoplata

Trickery or as some call it, the “smoke and mirrors approach” is another path to the triangle. Make your opponent believe you are attacking with a sweep and use their predictable response to latch onto their neck!

Continuing to think outside the box, you can get creative with your grips and hit triangles from a variety of different angles and entries. Use your imagination and you’d be shocked at what you can come up with. At my gym this is a standby, but few have seen it before

Whatever your preferred setup there is little debate that the triangle is the number 1 polygon in the jiu-jitsu kingdom; so get out there and slap one on!


Videos were filmed at Precision Mixed Martial Arts a Hudson Valley Martial Arts school.  For more great BJJ techniques visit

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