Hunting For the Kimura – Jason Scully

You may know that the Kimura is one of the most common and also higher percentage attacks in grappling.  You can hit it from so many different areas but I’ve discovered that a lot of people whether beginner and advanced aren’t sure of particular “triggers” that show them that the Kimura is open for attack.

If you’re not sure what a “trigger” is, it’s a cue or something you see that your opponent does that should elicit a certain  type of reaction from you when you notice it.

So what I have for you is a video I created where I talk about how you can attack for Kimuras more.  Not necessarily detailed instruction on how to finish the Kimura but an explaination on  how you can HUNT for the Kimura.

The more you are able to attack the Kimura and see these triggers the more you will eventually be able to finish it and then it becomes part of your “A Game”.  And when I say finish it, I’m  not just talking about submitting with the Kimura either.

You can do much more.  You can sweep with it, use it to help  pass your opponent’s guard, take your opponent’s back, and also get reversals from bad positions as times.  I would say those are some good options to have, wouldn’t you?

Hope it helps,

Jason Scully

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