Improve Your Jiu Jitsu Game By Logging In Independent Training Time!

There comes a point in our grappling lives where we find out that we have “the bug.”  It could be the first time you train, compete, or learn an advanced technique; no matter when it strikes, you become in love with the game and have no intent on stopping anytime soon.

As we progress, the itch for more mat time becomes undeniable.  After training, you find yourself frantically rushing home and checking out new moves or matches on YouTube, trying to learn whatever you can.  You even find yourself staying in on the weekend to check out some of the high level grapplers in the UFC and in Bellator.

However, while watching the sport is great, it doesn’t come close to actually getting on the mat and drilling with a grappling dummy.  No matter what, there will always be something that gets in the way of training.  The weather could be miserable—and even dangerous—preventing you from driving, or maybe your training partners are unable to attend practice.  Then what?

Well, there is one easy way to avoid all of this, and it can done in one click of a mouse…by purchasing a grappling dummy! But not just any grappling dummy my friends, because there is one of them out there that is superior than the rest. If you really want to improve your technique, than you must check out the Submission Master grappling dummy.

grapplingdummyTraining At Your Own Speed

Looking into buying a grappling dummy is a must in my book when it comes to serious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players.  The dummy allows you to train whenever, and wherever you’d like, assuming you have the proper space to do so.

I’m sure we’ve all been in the position before where we’re in class, and there’s a new person grappling for the first time.  Chances are our coaches have paired us with the newbie once or twice; while it’s a good thing to help teach aspiring competitors, it doesn’t always feed the hunger inside.

When this happens, you have to slow down and adjust to their speed, so you’re not overwhelming them.  It can be frustrating—even though you are lending a helping hand—so being able to head home and throw around the dummy for a bit could help make up for the lost time you have that night on the mat.

With a grappling dummy, you can work as slow or as fast as you’d like, it’s one of the many benefits of owning one!

Familiarizing Yourself With Holds

Another upside of owning your own dummy is being able to learn and familiarize yourself with new moves and positions you otherwise wouldn’t be able to in class.

For instance, say your coach goes over leg locks in class.  If you have trouble with them, you can head home and drill on your own, training your muscles to work in specific spots they normally wouldn’t be able to!

If that isn’t an incentive to get better, than I don’t know what is.

Having a grappling dummy is by far one of the best tools a young grappler can have.  It can only help improve your game and take you to the next level.

Dan Faggella

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