INTERVIEW: Dan Faggella – BJJ Techniques to Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents

When looking for advice in bjj, you should always consider your source. Who is this person giving you advice, and why are they an authority?

Dan Faggella is a very talented grappler at the smallest of weight classes (below 130 lbs) and he has consistently progressed in winning absolute titles and beating larger opponents.  In addition, he has studied with the best of the best in the world such as:  The Mendes Brothers, Cobrinha, Bruno Malfacine, etc.

Check out this interview’s Ruben Avila had with Dan Faggella where they discuss topics such as:
  • What it took to write his Amazon top selling ebook.
  • How to submit larger opponents.
  • What techniques to use for grapplers over 40.
  • How to sweep larger opponents.
  • As well as tips he has learned from taking private lessons with bjj world champions.

Part One of the Interview:

Part Two of the Interview:

Daniel is a No Gi Pan Am Champion and Multi-Time Expert Division Champion. Get His Free “The Bigger They Area, They Harder They Fall” DVD at the Link Below:

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