TalkShowOnMute — 22 January 2009

Did you ever have that guy at work, you know the one who thinks he is the toughest guy in the world. And he may seem like a nice guy until he finds out that you train or are into martial arts in someway. He usually doesn’t out and out challenge you, although sometimes hinting at it pretty clearly. But he comes by your desk and will slap you on the back harder than usual to say hello, or throw harder than usual punches into your shoulder when walking by playing..or squeezing his handshakes a little harder, all the while testing you….

It’s so funny and yet so annoying. Do they know they are doing it? Do they know how obvious it is that they are trying to make themselves feel tougher by “picking at” a person they see as a threat to their alpha male fantasies?

I mean I get this everyday from a guy at my work and so far I have ignored it well, but he is always hinting at sparring or grappling with me….Sometimes after he walks away I have a quick daydream of him on the floor after a nice RNC was applied…but instantly snap back and go about my day…

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