Jason Miller vs Michael Bisping: UFC – Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale

Jason Miller vs. Michael Bisping: UFC – The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale: December 3:

This is going to be a great finale for the Ultimate Fighter, although these guys probably don’t actually hate each other…you can tell they genuinely get on each others nerves…and both genuinely think they can beat the other in the cage. This always makes for a good fight and the show does a great job of letting viewers gradually lean to one side or another for who they want to win in the cage.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller has accumulated 24 wins with only 7 losses in the cage. Most of those going the distance with only one loss via TKO and one submission early on in his career. A strong, go for the finish fighter, Jason finished 20 fights, 13 by submission. He has proven to be a tuff, hard to submit, finisher in the cage.

Michael Bisping has 24 fights in the cage, with only 3 blemishes on his record. He has only been finished once in the cage by Dan Henderson in the Knock out heard round the world. (You can’t really hold that against him, Dan is a beast )Another stong finisher, Bisping has finished 17 fights in the cage, 14 via KO/TKO. Bisping is a quick, light on his feet puncher, with good hands and a good ground n pound.

This looks to be a classical match up between grappler and striker, between two hard finishers. I myself can’t wait for the match airing December 3, 2011. Who do you think will win this one? Jason Miller or Michael Bisping? Leave your picks in the comments below.

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