Jason Scully – Pass Concepts – Going Under The Legs

Hey Guys

In this video this is “Part 2” of the series that talks about on how to press the guard pass so you can create more opportunities for yourself and create higher percentage passes.

In this video I cover the concept of passing under your opponent’s legs and some concepts on making your passing chances under their legs more effective.

This video IS NOT about showing specific passes…it is mainly about talking one of MANY concepts that you can apply that will help you increase the opportunity for you to set up passing situations against your opponent and this one focuses on some concepts in regards to going under the legs.

Other topics I talked about in other videos I filmed were:

– Standing and going around the legs
– Going under the legs (this video)
– Going over the legs
– Dealing with inverted guard.

I also have more to film in the near future.

Hope the concepts help you.

Jason Scully a.k.a. The Grapplers Guide
BJJ Black Belt

P.S.  I know I’ve been away for a bit.  Had a lot of important personal things come up and now I’ll be getting you guys some more helpful content as I have done in the past.  No pushing marketing as usual.  Just some low key stuff.

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