Jimmy Pedro Helps Bridge The Gap Between BJJ & Judo!

There are few people as dangerous and elite at what they do as Jimmy Pedro is at Judo.  A world renowned talent, Pedro has seen his fare share of

Jimmy is one of the best Judp fighters on the earth!

accomplishments on –and-off the mat.  With all of his accolades and medals, Pedro continues to look to evolve the world grappling by providing those with questions, with answers.

A well versed competitor, Jimmy has delved into the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Seeing that the two sports can work hand-in-hand with one another, Pedro has put his knowledge of both art forms to use to take a closer look as to how BJJ players can round out their game through implementing Judo into their daily practice routine.

When you look at it from the outside-looking-in, it’s quite obvious as to how the sports work well together.

Muscle Memory & Getting It Right

Go ahead and find any Judoka, no matter their belt rank, and ask them about how many reps they do when learning a new throw or technique.  While BJJ players are notorious for going over the same move a few times in a row, breaking it down as they go, Judoka’s are relentless in their drilling and will spend countless hours on the same throw until its picture perfect.

This provides them with elite muscle memory over time.  No matter what you sport of choice is, if your muscles know what you’re doing, right down to the T, and then your life will become much, much easier when on the mat going for it in a real situation.

I can’t preach how important muscle memory is.  No matter what sport you play, there will always be something awkward that you try and do.  However, with adequate drilling and mat time, your muscles will memorize the pattern, and before you know it, they can hardly forget the move!

Even with my striking days far behind me, there are still times where I find myself in the mirror ripping off seven-punch combos for minutes on end as if I were still training for fights!

That’s the beauty of muscle memory; once they know how to execute a specific move, they can never forget it!

Constant drilling and proper muscle memory allows guys like Jimmy Pedro to toss around people twice his size!  Don’t believe me?  Watch him rag-doll former professional wrestler, Goldberg!

Picking Up The Pace In Practice

Another way Judoka’s differ from BJJ players is the rate at which they drill techniques.  Outside of live drilling, most BJJ players practice at a controlled pace, making sure they pick up every subtle move they can.

For Judoka’s, they are taught to drill at a semi-live pace, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the speed and opportunities as they arise.  This is helpful, as they are more likely to adapt to live situations once they get on the mat and wage war.

On top of these two instances, there are various ways BJJ & Judo work together. I dive into how Judo works with BJJ in my article on BJJEE.com that you guys may be interested in!  But don’t let me be the one to tell you that…let Jimmy Pedro tell you! You can check out what Jimmy himself has to say in this article on Science of Skill.com!

Dan Faggella

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