New Jiu-Jitsu Competition With Punches – Eddie Bravo

Combat Jiu-Jitsu – New Style of Jiu-Jitsu Competition with Punches

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Eddie Bravo has teamed up with Turi Altavilla, to try and start a new form of competition jiu-jitsu. Apparently this new style of jiu-jitsu will be like ADCC but with punches allowed on the ground. So you can punch while in guard, but not while standing or in the clench…basically it is like a boxing on opposite day.

It looks like it has at least gotten off to the drawing board, according to Eddie Bravo, who made in this post on his forum…

Combat Jiu Jitsu has gotten the preliminary OK by CAMO (California Amateur MMA Organization)

Me and Turi Altavilla, head of UofMMA are heading up a new style of competition jiu jitsu. It’s just like ADCC but with punches allowed on the ground.

Imagine Marcelo vs Kron in a rematch with punches allowed on the ground. Imagine Cobrina vs Glover with punches on the ground. Sick right? It’s coming…

For those of you who don’t know, Turi Altavilla has seen his fair share of failed organizations involving MMA.  1st, dying a slow, twelve-month death with pride, and then a quick collapse of Pro Elite.


“Pride was a titan with the UFC, two titans going at it, each of us thinking that we did shows with different flavors, different ways to present the fights, different philosophies and styles. That one hurt,” says Altavilla. “I’m not saying this one, Pro Elite, didn’t, but it’s a different kind of hurt. Pride died over the course of 12 months –- it was a slow death. With Pro Elite, the feeling was completely different. We blew it. We had a lot of money. We had a rare opportunity to make some noise, and we blew it. I don’t know how anyone could say anything differently.” 


Now it seems that he has dusted himself off and wants to try again with a new idea. I must admit, I am intrigued and will definitely watch the 1st show or tournament they put on.

There already seems to be people splitting sides, with more people supporting the idea that not. The unimpressed crowd, seems to be saying that if they wanted to watch jiu-jitsu with punches, they would turn on MMA. They also argue that it is silly and unrealistic to only allow punches on the ground and not during the clinch or while standing.

The supporters are happy to see something new and interesting that also seems to tackle some disadvantages of sport jiu-jitsu in regards to self-defense. I am interested to see what some really high-caliber jiu-jitsu guys will do who have never ventured into MMA.

I also think it can potentially make for some more exciting matches and solve some stalling problems/positions that exist in jiu-jitsu currently. Additionally, swinging arms leave more openings to submissions, which could also make for more exciting fights. This is especially true, if people are allowed to wear long sleeve rash guards (which I hope they do)

I’ll be honest, although I enjoy watching talented strikers… nothing is more exciting for me in a fight, than when it hits the floor. And this seems like what this is all about. So far, this idea has my support based on curiosity alone. I just hope Turi Altavilla is able to take his past experiences, with a failing companies, and apply them to this new business idea to make it successful.

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5 Responses

  1. 10thplanetMe says:

    I have been a tenth planet guy for a couple of years now and i have to say that, while i dont see eddie as a deity, he is a very influential guy and is only attempting to improve jujitsu and mma. that being said eddie obviously wants this style of tournament to exhibit his techniques such as rubber guard, which allows for a fighter to get submissions from his back while avoiding many full on punches. competition jujitsu will finally prove if rubber guard works and will help it transition to mma. Eddie only has the best intention of the sport in mind and it takes people like him to make progress.

  2. Some guy says:

    I got another idea for a competition. It’s exactly like the ADCC, with the following exception:
    You can punch and kick and eye gouge, UNLESS, your opponent has you in the lockdown, in which case your opponent gets a point every 10 seconds, UNLESS, you repeatedly shout “Eddie Bravo tapped Royler Gracie, and it wasn’t a fluke, he’s actually better in jiu jitsu than Royler and 10th planet is the best jiu jitsu system in the world”.

    I think Eddie’s gonna like that.

  3. Draculino says:

    That is the first time I hear that. Don’t know nothing about it. It sounds interesting…..but lots of people who does not have what it takes to take a punch will not be competing…. and others will stick to their thing. Hope it does well.

  4. Eunus says:

    Eddie will never quit trying just because his anti-gi dogmas are not confirmed by practice. I wonder in what sense will this thing be different from Shooto, Pankration and other thousands of modes that combine striking with no-gi ground grappling. Besides, Combat Ju-Jitsu is the name for a striking + grappling discipline that holds competitions for long years by now. This new venture may make sense only for Eddie fans who are totally unaware of anything in the martial arts world and see Eddie as a deity. Let’s wait and see what kind of marketing strategy he will follow this time.

    • POPPA ROTZEE says:

      It probably wont be any different than Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is to, sambo, Judo etc. It will probably just be a different flavor. Its how it is marketed and who you can get to compete.

      Jiu-jitsu was around for years too, but it wasn’t until a giant UFC spot light shined on it, did it become popular over here. Same thing could happen to this. Or it may flare up and out and disappear as quickly as it started.

      We will just have to see, I’m not going to count it in, or out until I see for myself.

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