Junior a Black Belt?

Junior Dos Santos a Black Belt?

Recently Yuri Carlton, who is Junior Dos Santos’ first grappling coach, stated in an interview on Brazil’s “Sensei SporTV” martial arts show, that Junior was ready to get a promotion to black belt now that he holds the title belt in his hands. Cigano has hands of stone and has punched his way to the top of the octagon but some don’t know that he started his path in jiu-jitsu. Junior Dos Santos has compiled an impressive resume with only one blemish on his record made by Joaquim Ferreira, one of Draculino’s students who beat him via submission.

(Here is a video of Juniors only Loss to Joaquim “Mamute” Ferreira)

Now I haven’t seen that much of ground footage of Junior  but there is a video of Junior grappling with a reporter (before he made it to the UFC) on YouTube.  Gracie Mag can  be quoted saying that  “he completely annihilated this reporter!”.  I watched the video and, although I don’t think Junior did a horrible, I wouldn’t say that he completely annihilated his grappling partner. In fact, it looked like his partner was winning positionally the 1st half, and was equal the 2nd half with Junior attacking but unsuccessfully.

Make note, this is all before he made it into the UFC, so I am sure he has got a lot better …but this video…I personally wouldn’t use as a justification that he is ready for his black belt  or by stating he won a championship, by knocking someone out while standing. What he is doing in the GYM is a different story, only his grappling partners and Jiu-Jitsu coach know how good he has gotten there….So I’m not saying he is NOT ready, he may very well be. I’m just saying that It seems weird to tie that video and a championship match where he never even touched the ground in the fight, in with a statement that he is ready to be promoted to Black Belt. He may be a wizard on the ground now for all I know…but I wouldn’t base it on that video…or the last fight I saw. I would say he is definitely a black belt in Knocking people out though lol

Here is a quote from the New Champion,

“I always trained a lot of Jiu-Jitsu, but playing guard really was one of my weaknesses. These days things are quite different. I’m much better at the guard and I attack a lot, when before I’d just defend. I always pick up pointers from people proven in this area. The more information the better. This way my game keeps getting better and better,” said the fighter in a recent GRACIEMAG interview.”

And here is the video of the grappling match Graciemag posted asking the question ” Tell me what you guys think,  Is Junior ready for his black belt?”


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