Justin Rader: Wrestling Takedowns for BJJ

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to interview Justin Rader. If you guys don’t know about Justin, he’s a monster. Justin is both a world and Pan Am champion who has an interesting style of grappling. He combines wrestling with BJJ to make himself more of a submission grappler than a straight BJJ player or wrestler. You can learn more about Justin in this article by BJJ heroes. When we were talking the topic of learning wrestling for BJJ came up and you can watch part of the interview in the video provided below

The Science of Takedowns

One thing I personally have noticed is learning wrestling as a BJJ guy is tough. Wrestlers have both a different mindset and strategies than the average BJJ player. Wrestling is a tough sport where your body can get pretty beat up and your strength and conditioning will

Justin's new course helps us merge the styles of BJJ and Wrestling together

Justin’s new course helps us merge the styles of BJJ and Wrestling together

be put to the test. Once you start getting good at wrestling and have good takedowns you will notice it becomes a lot easier and your opponents will not be able to keep up with you on the feet.

Justin recommends the first step to becoming a good wrestler is to find someone who truly understands the game of wrestling. This often is easier said than done because not all academies have access to top notch wrestlers.  He says we should keep an open mind and learn as many takedowns as we can. Our opponent may not be giving us the perfect set-up we need and this is why we revert back to the other takedowns we learnt in the gym. This also prevents us from being predictable and our opponent’s will have trouble dissecting our game.

With that being said Justin also stressed that we do pick those three or four takedowns that we can call our own. We need to get in our reps with them in our drilling time and start to truly understand them by looking at all the possible scenarios our opponent gives us. Once we get a good grasp on the ins and outs of the takedown, then we can go live and put ourselves in situational rolling to get those skills locked on.

Justin’s killer course

As mentioned before, not all academies have access to a top notch wrestler to coach them or maybe you just want to learn some more takedowns and set ups with the addition of good coaching. Justin just released a course called the Hybrid Success Formula. In short this course cuts the fluff of traditional wrestling and shows us the top set ups for BJJ. Justin shows his expertise by showing us hundreds of takedowns and all of the different counters to them and what we need to do to succeed.  You can check out the full review to the course here!

I’d recommend this course to anyone who either wants to get better at wrestling or anyone who is competing in an upcoming tournament and is serious about winning. Statistics show that the fighter who scores points first is more likely to win the match, most of these points are scored on a takedown or aggressive guards pulls. Most BJJ academies lack the proper training and don’t practice from the feet enough which ends up in failure during competition. So do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. Be sure to let me know how you like it and how it has vastly improved your game

Train hard

Dan Faggella

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