Keeping It Basic-Entangling Your Opposition In A Triangle Choke

I remember my early days of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Physically, I wasn’t at an ideal plateau to perform with certain grapplers on the mat, and I knew if I were to give it a shot, then I would suffer greatly for it.

What I mean by this is not that I wasn’t strong enough or fast enough, but I lacked the proper range of motion and flexibility in specific joints and body parts.  My biggest rival was my legs and my hips.

This played against me early on because it prevented me from doing certain moves that I otherwise would be able to hit without issues.

Inadequate range of motion in the hips is very common, especially for beginners.  While it goes away with time, there is one move that it will hurt the progress of, and that’s the triangle choke.

A move that can be executed from closed guard, the triangle choke is something that requires proper movement.  A tip is to stretch early in your career, as this will help improve the mobility of the hips.

Once you are able to execute moves comfortably, it’s time to start working on hitting the triangle choke and getting your opponents to tap out!

Triangle Choke From Closed GuardTriangle

With the advancement of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts growing by the day, the triangle choke itself has seen a vast evolution.  For instance, I remember seeing someone hit an inverted triangle choke not too long ago in an MMA fight!

With all that being said, we’ll just focus on the traditional triangle choke from bottom closed guard and leave the inverted stuff for another day.

  • First off, we want to make sure that we have control.  Without it, our opponent can do as they please, especially from top guard.  To make sure this happens, we must establish firm wrist control on our opponents.
  • As we do this, we’ll then want to make sure we place a foot on their hip.
  • With this in place, we’ll want to pop our hips backwards and shoot our hand towards their legs (similar to throwing a cross.)
  • Now, with the end in sight, we’ll want to bring our hips back to where they were and as we do, bring one foot over their head and apply the lock.
  • To add pressure, underhook one side while cupping the head and squeeze for the finish.

Check out this article from on the Triangle Choke Hold.

Cutting Off Blood Flow To The Brain

There are submissions that attack joints, and there are some that are blood chokes with the triangle being one of those.  When done properly, this attack will cut off the blood flow and oxygen that is traveling to the brain, rendering our opponent unconscious if they don’t tape quickly.

Certain people are built to where their joints have great flexibility, but there is one thing that will get any opponent: no blood flowing to the brain.

That’s a tough one to fight through.

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Dan Faggella

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