Kesa Gatame Escape- Pelvis to Butt

A basic escape for when your opponent is in Kesa Gatame with their arm around your head. This can be a difficult position to escape when your opponent is skilled and knows how to distribute their weight.

It is important to get your pelvis to your opponents lower back and control the belt. The grip on the belt will help when to make space between your opponents butt and the floor when you bridge into them. It is important to bridge strongly to make your opponent base that hand. If your opponent does not base that hand it is going to be very difficult to use this escape.

When watching the video you will see that Marty (the person on top) has to base his hand. You will also notice that there is a large area of space between his butt and the ground. Keep in mind that this is a lot of space and not all your opponents will allow their hips to elevate this high. Do not stress out, they do not have to elevate that high. You only need enough space to insert your knee and thigh under his butt.

Once your opponent is resting on your thigh you should have a much higher level of control over your opponent. Make sure to move your hips under your opponent and do not just pull them over. If you feel your upper body straining you’re probably using to much strength to pull them over…just move those hips!

Thanks for watching!

Jeremy Arel


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