Kung Fu is Better than MMA – LoL

Kung Fu is Better Than MMA

I stumbled upon this video and got a really good laugh. This older man is desperately trying to justify decades of training in a marital art that has not proven to be very effective in real life scenarios or in the sport of MMA. He claims that Kung Fu is better than MMA and he try to justify his art by showing “superior techniques” that are riddled with holes any 6 month white belt could spot. Check it out lol

Here is his video description:

What makes Kung Fu the best Martial Arts is forms. With great forms comes with great techniques. I am not against MMA just bad techniques. Bjj does have effective techniques only if you don’t care about your open for attack vital points.

Before you write any nasty comments then telling me how much MA experience you have, please first show me how is your similar arm lock faster & safer? (It is easy to talk but can you show it?) I would be happy to learn from you.

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3 Responses

  1. Chris Ngo says:

    I suck and I think I can pass his half ass “monkey guard”….also, Poppa Rotzee arm barred me way quicker than any of his that he demonstrated….yes respect all forms of martial arts but also give credit when credit is due…..he should come roll with Drac or take the Gracie Challenge!!! hahahaha

  2. O.o

    Really? Hmm…unless someone trips, asks you to help them up by taking their hand, I don’t see how this is the elite-uber-effective arm lock he claims it to be.

    I’ve trained other martial arts that focused primarily on forms and to be honest with you, most forms seem to stem from an inexperienced fighter performing inexperienced moves which allow you to perform yours.

    I have respect for all arts as I feel there is something to learn from all of them (whether it be good or bad)…but asinine dribble like this is just amusing.

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