Leveraging Grappling Tools To Improve Your Drilling

If you follow my work, you know how much I love the idea of having instructional DVDs from some of the greatest grapplers ever in the collection.  Having the ultimate grappling resource at the drop of a dime is a must in my opinion.

However, the physical DVDs can’t be used to make you a better grappler, but there are things that can do the trick.

I’m here to break down just how useful a grappling dummy can be in the progress of your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skill development.

Let’s take a look.

Focusing On The Flow And Feel On The Match

When you watch the video, a few things may stick out to you.  My clear focus when I originally made this video was to show you all kinds of leg locks and how you can go about setting them up to get the finish.

Grappling dummies are one of the best ways to solo drill

Grappling dummies are one of the best ways to solo drill

However, it goes deeper than just the actual moves.  Notice how much I focus on the transitions and switching form hold to hold.  While it may seem as if I’m just doing it as second nature, I’m really putting a heavy emphasis on them, making sure I hit them all as one smooth transition.

This is a huge benefit, because it allows you to get comfortable with finding a flow and working out of a rythym in a live situation.  With partners, you may have to slow down the pace to really focus on the move, which will take away from the realism of the hold.

Being able to utilize a tool such as the grappling dummy will give you a brand new outlook on training, and it also gives you the option to train on your own time!  That is a very important key to have up your sleeve.You can check out a killer back mount drill in the video below

Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

One thing that I love about having a grappling dummy at my disposal is the positions that I’m forced to be in.

It’s human nature to feel awkward and worried when placed in a situation where you are rolling, try something a little advanced, and now you’re stuck and worried about what your opponent might do to you.  With the dummy, that entire feeling is eliminated.

In the video, you see me going strictly for leg locks, which can cause a grappler to become very anxious at the prospects of having their own foot snatched up in a hold.

However, having the dummy will allow you to get comfortable with being in this position, and even teach you how to deal with your foot position from here.  It may seem like a crazy concept, but you would be surprised as to how many people refuse to go for certain holds or techniques strictly because they are afraid of what could happen to them. To learn more about the dummies check out this article on Science of Skill

Trying your might on a grappling dummy could prove to be a useful tool to your game and practice time…give it a try, what do you have to lose!?

Dan Faggella

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