Lightweight BJJ Players Get HYPED – Caio Terra Online Training Coming Soon…

In the beginning of the year I was lucky enough to catch up with Caio about some of his training advice and recent tournament victories. Since then, he’s won the Worlds (again…), and during a Facebook convo yesterday he let me know that “Caio Terra Online Training Center” will be coming soon.

The lightweight BJJ world will be souped up. Myself included.

Caio’s most recent DVD releases have included his Half Guard Set and his “Modern Game” course as well – but his online training center promises an even more engaging “hub” of everything Caio. Based on the professionalism and production quality of his previous materials… we can expect him to bring more of the good stuff.

This is one of the screenshots from the preview section:



Yes…. so it’s still a bit of a mystery, but we’ve got about 52 days since the day of this posting before the training center opens (people can sign up for news and updates at Caio’s main website).

What I wanted to do today was share some insights that I’ve previously picked up from Caio as an avid follower of his for close to 4 years – and break down a technique to demonstrate his technical prowess to everyone who might have been hiding under a rock, unaware of his dominance in the Rooster weight category (along with long-time rival Bruno Malficine). More detail on Caio Terra’s tournament wins and bio here.

The technique above is a favorite of mine, simply because I’m such a huge fan of the X-guard for smaller grapplers. If you weight 130 pounds like Caio, and you’re trying for single leg takedowns or hip-bump sweeps against people twice your size… you’re setting youself up for failure.

In this technique Caio uses the opponents’ momentum and energy against him my forcing a reaction with a scissor-sweep motion from half guard, then using the sleeve and ankle to guide the opponent over his body.

From here, he waits for his opponent to posture strait up, and then reduces his behind-the-knee foot to going behind the ankle of the opponent – thus tripping the opponent backwards and anding up on top for the pass.

To prepare some of you who aren’t used to Caio’s mentality of training – he’s very progressive. While some Jiu Jitsu black belts are resistant to the evolution of the sport, or development of new positions – Caio is an innovator. Some people believe that 50-50 is all about stalling. Caio believes that there is as much if not more stalling in the closed guard – and that this shouldn’t make a position illegal – it is merely a part of the dynamic of the game.

When it comes to guard – creativity rules – and the “Modern Game” is thoroughly expresses in Caio’s programs. If his online training center is any reflection of his beliefs and philosophy of the sport – it will involve the cutting-edge stuff that some “old-schoolers” might resist – but SHOULD understand in order to keep their games relevant and developing.

Doing over 70 seminars per year, we can assume he’ll have no shortage of content to share.

And me and the lightweights…. we’ll be waiting.


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