MMA Documentary – Fightville

Scream “Fight!” anywhere and a crowd will always come running, something about watching man act on one of its most primal urges both attracts and repels us. Since the beginning of civilization itself, the inherent draw of two men fighting has made its way to a stage in almost every civilization on earth. Over the last ten years, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has gone from street fighting in a cage to a billion dollar sport over shadowing boxing as the most dominant combat sport in North America. But not all fighters stand on the biggest stage, not all fill there pockets with dollars. But far from Las Vegas, in sweat-soaked gyms and low-rent arenas across America, the big lights are but a dream. Here, men fight to test their mettle, fortified with the mythic promise that an ordinary man can transform into a champion

FIGHTVILLE is about the art and sport of fighting: a microcosm of life, a physical manifestation of that other brutal contest called the American Dream, where men are not born, but built through self determination, hard work and faith. It may be a myth, but in FIGHTVILLE, that’s what champions are made of.


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