MMA Fighters only good for 9 years??

Supposedly most long distance runners peak after about 15 years of training, and after that time their performance just starts to go downhill no matter how much they train.  That’s why people winning the over-60 title for the Marathon usually AREN’T the same people who were winning the over-40 title twenty years ago…

I’ve often thought that there must be a similar rule in MMA, but I’d never seen any actual data on the topic until I came across David William’s article on career longevity in MMA.

Maybe most MMA fighters are just doomed to decline after 9 years in the sport, regardless of what age they started at, or how many times a year they fought…

It’s a cool, thought provoking article.  Check out The 9-Year Rule: A look at career lengths in Mixed Martial Arts

Stephan Kesting

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