More Scramble Concepts / Chain Drill – Jason Scully

More On Scrambling For Grappling!

Yesterday I sent you a video talking about some ideas to create short scramble situations you can win along with some ideas and concepts on scrambling in grappling in general.

Today I have a NEW video for you.  In this video I talk even more about the concept of scrambling and I show you a sample drill of many drills that I practice.  This drill and the concept behind the drill will help you learn how to actual turn a scramble into something that is more organized and less chaotic.

The key point here is to study your game and your rolling so then you can learn the common scrambles that you end up in with your partners and opponents.  Video tape your rolling and then when you notice scramble situations you end up in then practice the scrambles in a sequence.  Learn the timing and movements and then drill the chain as fast as you can many many time.

Hope it helps,

Jason Scully

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