Mount Escape- MMA Escape

The MMA escape looks very similar to the Upa escape that was shown earlier. Keep in mind that this is different as I focus on different things.

In the Upa escape the emphasis is on moving the head out of the way. To force your body over there is no more important detail than moving your head.

With that being said, moving your head while it is laying on the floor can create some major problems if your opponent is punching you in the face. During this video I emphasis head head to shoulder and covering your face at the beginning.

I could have made both of these techniques in a single video but honestly they are very different. The steps are similar but the feel of bridging is totally different because you’re fighting against your own spine doing it this way. It is important to practice both of these variations as they are essential in escaping mount AND building perception of how your head, neck, spine and hips are all connected together. Explore the varying degrees of strength that you have in bridging when your spine is contorted in different positions

Thanks for watching!

Jeremy Arel


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