Mount Submission- Lazy Armbar

´╗┐in this video I show you my number 1 submission from Mount. This is a mix of a couple of different types of armbars and strongly resembles the S Mount armbar. It differs from the S Mount armbar in the fact that I never move my hips up into high mount to dominate my opponents upper body. This allows me to keep my body weight distributed directly above my opponents hips and maintain a better amount of base.

This armbar does not feel as threatening to your opponent as some other armbars and that will lead to them starting to defend when it’s to late. It is VERY important for you to lay down on top of your opponent and not on the floor. This makes it very easy to bring the leg around the head with speed and precision. Keep your knee night to the back of your opponents elbow so that they can not pull the elbow to the floor.

In the event that you lose control of your opponents arm or they get their elbow to the floor transition back into mount or side control. There are a lot of really great transitions that leave you in positive positions.

A lot of people as what to do if you get bumped towards your head. If this happens it is because your body weight was distributed to far over on your opponent BUT this does not mean that you lose the position. All you have to do is drive your knee to the floor (the same leg that would have stepped over will now be the knee) and finish the armbar from that belly down position.

Thanks for watching!

Jeremy Arel

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