New BJJ Instructional Apps for Android Phones & Tablets

This is a busy week at the secret Grapplearts HQ location, because we are planning on putting out a brand new instructional Android app every day!

After a TON of R&D we are finally releasing the app versions of the highly reviewed ‘How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent’ series that we produced in conjunction with Emily Kwok two years ago.

This instructional series has received rave reviews, and now it’s finally available on Android too.

Here’s a link to all the Android BJJ instructional apps that we currently offer. Every day there should be one new app here, and all new apps will have a healthy discount on the day of release!

But if you’re an iPhone/iPad user then don’t despair: here’s a link to our instructional grappling apps for iOS as well.

These apps require a ton of work, testing and design to create, but I think the convenience of being able to study BJJ on the go makes it all worth it.

Thank you very much for your support.
Stephan Kesting

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