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I’m working with Draculino on releasing another awesome DVD and would like your opinion on what you’d like to see. There are a couple different options for the subject that the DVD will be about and since sherdog members have supported us from the beginning…I wanted to give them a shot at voting on what you want to see in the dvd. (if you have an account there…log in and vote!) It’s not often that an old school BJJer does something new and different, and I’m excited about it.

So here are the options. The entire DVD will be based around one of these topics and will include a wide range of information and techniques centered around one of these topics. Please vote by clicking the poll and feel free to leave any information about what you chose and why you want to see it. Thanks guys!

If you have a Sherdog account, log in, vote and join the discussion!
Click Here To Vote at Sherdog

Don’t have an acount and still wanna vote? Click vote on the poll here.
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