Obtaining The Back Mount Under Difficult Circumstances

Attacking from the back is a key role for any grappler looking to take the next step in their development in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  However, as you progress throughout the ranks, you’ll meet opponents that are not going to be willing to give you such a dominant position.

You must be prepared to deal with these types of tricky grapplers, and know just how you can effectively transition into back mount in almost any given grappling scenario.

Transitioning Into Back Mount In Slick Fashion

When grappling, our obvious approach is to find the quickest and most efficient way to obtain our opponents back in order to secure the back mount and begin our offensive attack.  In this given scenario, it’s a little tougher than normal because of our opponent starting in the turtle position.

This is a difficult position to deal with because our opponent is offering us little to no space to work with, which is vital if we are looking to obtain hooks.  With this in mind, we must know how to work around this issue:

  • From the side-turtle position, take your off hand and place it on the far side thigh of your opponent.
  • Taking the arm that is near their head; begin to pinch inwards with your elbow towards their elbow.  This will begin to break down your opponent’s base and bring them to the mat.
  • Now, they should be in a sloping angle towards one side, which will be a huge help when it comes to the transition.
  • Avoid muscling your opponent around from this position, it will only fatigue your muscles.
  • Make a corkscrew motion over the planted shoulder, which will bring you over the top and into back mount.
  • Don’t remove your hand until you are able to bring your second hook and place it where it needs to be.

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The science behind this specific setup is very, very important!  We must avoid over working, because it will only hurt you in the big picture, and could cause you to lose out on the position that you were working so hard to obtain in the first place.

See more information on the back mount here.

For instance, try to avoid going for the second hook right away, before any of the above sequence occurs.  Doing this will mean you have to risk your position in the match by separating yourself a little bit from your opponent which could end poorly for you.

Going from the second hook could cause you to be too far from your opponent, making certain transitions and holds futile, while also putting you in a position where you can be dumped and put on the defensive.

Being smart and taking things step by step is something every grappler should focus on, and never neglect.  When you have the dominant position, don’t be afraid to take your time and see what can come from it!

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Dan Faggella

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