Omoplata Defense: Turtle Roll

In this video I show my favorite escape from the Omoplata submission. This is a high percentage escape and can leave you in a great position when your opponent was feeling comfortable.

The first step is to control the inside of your thigh. This will lock up your shoulder and your torso and usually give you enough time to post your free hand on the floor. Once you put your hand on the floor it is important to start basing back into your opponent and put your foot on the floor.

Keep in mind you are not out of danger at any point in this move but once the foot is on the floor you have a little bit of time. Make sure to base back until your opponents lower back and hips are off the floor. When it does come time to sit through you want to make sure the only thing of your opponents that is touching the floor is his/her shoulders. This will make spinning them MUCH easier.

The sit through and the pushing with the hands comes at the same time. The back of the knuckles should be the part pushing the hips. It is a weird angle that not many people would think to push. When you do sit through you have to sit through with intensity to have enough momentum to get to the turtle position on the other side. If you do not sit through hard enough you may only come up half way and it will be a scramble.


Thanks for watching!

Jeremy Arel


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