Omoplata Submission- Triangle and Hook Shoulder

In this video I show a great way to finish the Omoplata when your angle is off. Ideally when we transition into this submission you want your body to be parallel with your opponents, hug the hips and scoot away. But sometimes during the transition your opponent is messing with your spacing or continually fighting your leg and not letting it come over the face. When this happens you often end up in more of a 90 degree angle which can create a lot of problems.

When this happens it is important to triangle your legs and underhook the far shoulder. Once you underhook the far shoulder it eliminates a lot of your opponents defenses (the front roll, the step over the body, pulling yourself under the bus, basically anything that requires you to duck your head).

Once that shoulder is locked firmly it is important to change your body angle with your but and put your hands on the floor (dont worry you dont need them for anything else). At this point you want to turn your leg that is parallel with their body towards the floor (consult the video) to keep increased pressure on the back of the shoulder.

Now that the position is locked in you can scoot your butt away from your opponent to get the tap. This move is NOT about straightening the legs and 95% of the time you can get the tap without doing it.

With that being said…if you do everything else and dont get the tap then straighten the legs. Think of this like pulling on the head for the Triangle, it can help but it should be the LAST step in the submission not the first.

Thanks for watching!

Jeremy Arel


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