One Spicy Gi Choke From Half Guard!

If you’re looking for a slick gi choke from half guard position, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to execute an easy, yet effective choke that opponents often do not see coming until it’s too late. For even more awesome moves broken down just like this hop on over here! If you liked this, you’ll love this next move!

Step 1:

From top half guard position, work the thumb of your bottom arm inside your partner’s collar.


Step 2:

Now, lace your top hand through, cup underneath your drilling buddy’s chin, and grab the inside of the back of the person’s collar. The key to this step is giving your opponent enough space to bait the person into trying to escape.


Step 3:

Now that your partner is on his/her side, go over the person’s back and grab his/her belt. Now sit out to your hips. This should free up the leg that was formerly trapped in half guard.





Step 4:

Put the elbow of the arm grabbing your partner’s belt on the mat (or as close as possible) and pull towards the direction you want to roll the person towards.


Step 5:

Buck and roll, using the leg you recently freed to generate extra momentum. Step all the way over during the transition, ending up in mount. Work the elbow of the chocking arm over your partner’s shoulder to finish the choke. If done properly, it should be extremely difficult for the person to escape like an alligator snapping turtle out for blood! 


There you have, a slick gi choke that is tough to get out of once locked in. Now drill this sucker lots of times, and start catching your rolling buddies with it.

For more information on this choke, check out Travis Steven’s video breakdown.

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