Over/Under Pass – How to Finish It – Jason Scully

So a few months ago I sent out a video of myself showing the Over Under pass and hitting it in competition and since then I’ve been contacted by a lot of people letting me know this has become their favorite pass and many have actually hit it in competition as well.

I’ve also been getting a lot of messages asking me some “what if” questions.* The #1 “what if” was, “What if the person attacks your arm for a kimura”. The other was “What if they post on your body”.

I decided I would take a moment and film something for you guys that may help you deal with some common situations that happen that can increase the percentage of you hitting the Over/Under pass and stay safe at the same time.

These situations are usually only an issue when your opponent is familiar with your move, which DOES happen.* So it is important that you have some options. Check out the video here:

Hopefully it answers some questions for you and helps clear some things up as well.

The Over/Pass has been my go to pass for a very long time now and I think it works well for all types of players.

Thanks for watching,

Jason Scully

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Here is the original pass video:

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