Poll: Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida: UFC 140

Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida: UFC 140

Its a UFC double dose of awesomeness, as we get two Saturday nights to sit down on the couch with our buddies for another great night of fights. This card looks like it will have some interesting fights followed by a championship fight between two unbelievable strikers, Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida.

Lyoto Machida has an impressive resume with 17 wins (11 by KO/TKO) and only 2 losses. (losses being a split decision to Rampage Jackson and a TKO to Shogun Rua.)Shogun was able to defeat the elusive fighter, by closing the distance with aggressive and accurate kick boxing.

When Lyoto would come up on the losing end of the striking exchanges he would resort to greco roman wrestling style take downs. Jones, who has freakishly long reach (Longest in UFC History at 84.5 in) and unorthodox striking skills might frustrate Lyoto Machida the same way…except this time…he wont be able to out wrestle Jones in the Greco Roman department.

Jon Jones boasts an even more impressive record with 14 wins, (12 finishes by way of submission or KO/TKO) and only 1 loss which was from a DQ when he was dominating Matt Hamill. (DQ’d for illegal downward elbows). This realistically means Jon Jones has never been beaten by anyone other than himself in the cage.

I think that Jones is going to continue his domination in the light heavy weight division. He is becoming more well rounded the more the young fighter trains and competes and is not showing any gaping holes in his game. I think his striking ability and reach is going to frustrate Machida and he is going to have a hard time taking the fight anywhere else unless the national wrestling champion chooses to.

Who do you think is going to win the UFC 140 Light Heavy Weight Championship? Is this Lyoto Machida’s chance to take back the crown, or will current champion, Jon Jones continue his reign? Add your vote below!

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8 Responses

  1. NEW GUY says:

    I think Jones is like the new rookie in baseball. Usually they do good until the pitchers figure them out, but then again Jones comes out every fight different and even more unorthodox. Frank Mir is a beast, been a fan of him for a long long time and I think people over look his skill bc of his cockiness.

    on a personal note, My first day at Gracie Barra – Texas is today at 730pm…kinda nervous…hate being the new guy and its been a long time since I trained in any form of Mixed Martial Arts.

  2. Chris Ngo says:

    I’d have to agree with you fellas on the reach of Bones and I think he will be victorious but I’m hoping Machida catches him slipping when Jones throws that wild but yet dangerous spinning back fist/elbow…gonna be a battle I think, 3rd rd stoppage…Jon Jones victorious!! Keep up the great work on BJJ.ORG fellas!!

  3. Jeremy Arel says:

    The reach advantage on Jones can’t be denied! Jones by TKO.

  4. POPPA ROTZEE says:

    Great turnout on the polls guys! Feel free to share WHY you think they will win here in the comments as well!

  5. Jordan Burton, III says:

    I’m going with Jonny Jonez! (Rosario Dawson voice)

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